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Our conceptual innovations fuel dramatics changes in your insurance strategies and benefits programs.  We help save clients’ money where other agencies and benefits companies have failed.

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 We reduce your costs; enhance your employee benefits.


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Our Roots...and a quick note on WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT:

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Based in the north and born in Alaska, our "PolarIQ" brand is more than a name, it's what we do.  We solve challenging problems for our clients, so they can not just survive, but thrive against their competition.



In the land of the Polar caps, the "IQ" abbreviation comes from the Inuktitut phrase Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit which is often translated as "Inuit traditional knowledge."


This phrase stems from a verb meaning "to know."  The broad interpretation of the phrase includes both the scope of knowledge and also in analyzing the nature of knowledge.


Finally, in true Inuit spirit, the phrase embodies the concept of knowledge being transmitted inter-personally and gained through experience. 

Driven to succeed, in an environment bulging with risks and dangers, the Inuit people depend on "IQ" to survive.  They believe that we humans are powerfully rational and possess infinite problem solving capability.

It is in this tradition that we serve our clients.



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