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Our conceptual innovations fuel dramatics changes in your insurance strategies and benefits programs.  We help save clients’ money where other agencies and benefits companies have failed.

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 We reduce your costs; enhance your employee benefits.


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We provide cost containment to constrict the burgeoning expenses of health insurance and deliver savings with unequivocal levels of service.

Protecting your assets

Data Monitoring: 

  • Risk analysis
  • Claims monitoring
  • Proprietary tiered CRA & CRF watch-systems support RAM funneling for maximum fiscal protection and leakage prevention.


Claims Management:

Multiple redundant claims monitoring and error-detecting software systems for optimum network enhanced savings.

We can provide cost containment throughout your entire benefits needs.  Whether we focus on specific items within your plan, or improve your overall cost-efficiency is up to you.  We provide a range of solutions to match your specific needs.  Please see our Consulting Practices page for additional information. 

Metrics & Reporting

We deliver exceptional fiscal responsibilities and efficiencies through: 

  • Utilization pattern analysis
  • Active plan management
  • Complete custom plan designs
  • Negotiations, network discounting and complete claims minimization solutions

Reports range from high level overviews, to intricate and exhaustive examination of plan performance with focused savings opportunities through calculated optimization studies.  Clients are provided with relevant data updates from the initial diagnostic investigation through long term plan maintenance.  Customized reports are available to clients through the Secure Report link.

For a demonstration on our industry-leading systems for containing costs, and creating savings for plan sponsors, please request a presentation meeting under our Connect page, or give us a call for scheduling.

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